“Your space, my job.”

LISTENING. Is where everything starts.

Entering a space is like getting to know a person. I start with the layout of the spaces to get in tune with your experience and interpret your wishes.

EXCHANGING IDEAS. On the colours, the materials, the settings.

I prepare collections of textures and images to share moods, feelings and things that are difficult to put into words. Giving special importance to lighting and choice of lighting fixtures.

INSPECTION. In homes and in spaces.

Free of charge. Because nothing is more useful than seeing what the prospects of spaces are and soaking up the atmosphere of the place. If no plans of the premises are available, my team and I take measurements and perform a survey on site to then create a plan and section.

CONCEPT. Interiors speak to us.

Every house has a mood and personality. That’s why I try to create harmony by combining styles and different objects in the search for constantly new materials and atmospheres, with a particular eye to new European trends.

LIGHTING. Decorative design element.

Light defines our spaces and our lifestyle. That’s why I design the lighting of your spaces with tailor-made solutions, making the most of the qualities of the light, its possibilities, its functions.

DESIGN. Of environments, furniture and furnishing solutions.

We perform surveys in plan and render, preparing customized solutions on request. Thanks to the partnership with the construction company Taramelli, I guarantee a full service, from conception to construction.

Discover Ro’s projects.

Furnishing homes and private spaces, creating an environment which is elegant and in tune with the experience of those who live in, enjoy and use it. I also deal with the design, restoration or construction from scratch of offices, public, commercial or industrial spaces, calibrating all existing paradigms to meet the expectations of enjoyment, attractiveness, safety, comfort and energy sustainability.


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