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Top quality objects that reflect a sense of serene, happy, but non-frivolous, bright, ironic and intelligent lifestyle.

/ HENRY DEAN VASI An entire range of top quality products, liquids colours lightened by the environment, glasses of unique shapes and colours.

/ POMAX Furnishings in harmony with the design, the beauty, the charm and the nature.

/ MASSIMO COPENHAGEN The creative team of Massimo projects innovative hand-made textiles to decorative your contemporary house. Each carpet is unique and entirely hand-made based on secular traditions and techniques through the sapient use of natural yarns.

/ HISTORICAL COLLECTIONS History overflowing printed sheets. Recovery of metal ceilings coming from the Victorian age (second half of 1800 in the US).

/ ARTISAN HOUSE Metal sculptures sold in over 50 countries all over the world. Each artist represents itself through their design, but all of them share genius, talent and execution.

/ ASA HOME Ceramics and porcelain products in a pure modern style. Nowadays this company is globally recognized.


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